Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Monday, September 14, 2009

AUDIO: Exclusive Laws Freestyle for TMTP...

Big BIG ups to the homie Laws for coming through and droppin a tight little verse for us. This will be on Volume 1 of our mixtape series as well.

For more info on Laws peep his myspace or

Download Here


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Album Review by DV: Big City Bumpus - Everything I Do Is Badass

The dude, Big City Bumpus of Fall River Mass. hit us with "Everything I Do Is Badass", his debut album under Delusional Records. If you find yourself wondering what happened to "the emcee", you can answer that question by pickin up his CD at Ok. Heres the run down:
The Up's : Clever lyrics, Witty hooks, Original Concepts!! What more could the "Real Hiphop Head" want? I guarantee the crowds at his shows leave with sore necks from the head nod. When I make it up north to see my peoples, I'll be sure to check if he's rockin somewhere. Big City delivers a heavy punch on "Hold Me Down" spittin nothing but heat over phenomenal production that the average emcee couldn't even imagine being able to rock to. CheebaHawk literally had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!! My pick for hottest track would be a tossup between "Hear Me Do'" & "Never Say Never". ....QUOTABLE : ""..make a hit? got a better chance of hittin' the lottery//and get a quick pick you dip shit, dont bother me//I'm possibly the nicest with words, since a glossary/// rhymin dictionary know what i mean// gettin' love like the 'Sox when they home in The Bean.."
The Down's: I would have liked to have seen a couple of features. I do appreciate that dude can handle a full length project on his own but sometimes collabs become refreshing. A couple of tracks seemed to be outdated, stamping that this was a mixture of old and new material, hopefully the next joint is more current!

Rhymes: 4 Tapes
Beats: 3 Tapes
Overall: 4 Tapes
(reasoning: some of the beats were lackluster but Mr. City turned them out)

Free Download:
"Hear Me Do'"


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blctxt - The Special / Drop Tears

The homie blctxt of ATL delivers a preview into his upcoming LP "Contxt Clues" with The Special and Drop Tears. Coming from FL, I am very much lovin the purity of the lyrics and the southern-rooted "contxt". Be on the look out for more from Blc in the near future and check him out at ~ DV

blctxt -
The Special / Drop Tears


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